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Strong and highly insulating building element​

The Iso Tank has a gas-filled cavity with an R-value of 5 and higher. 


Very long service life
Glass fibre-reinforced epoxy composite

Super strong construction element

Stronger than concrete or steel.
In the weight/strength ratio

Insulation value
always up to standard

The insulation value can be maintained through the linked elements

10 cm

Thickness ISO Tank

60 cm

Width ISO Tank

R = 3,75

Nitrogen * filled
* We put it in the wall...

R = 5,6

Argon gas filled

2.00 - 6.00 meter

Custom made in any length/height

≥ ​Concrete or steel*

Structural properties
*In the weight / strength ratio

Modular construction element
with many possible applications

The Iso Tank has been developed with all facets of construction in mind. 


Iso Tanks in prefab elements will significantly speed up the construction time, both in the preparation phase and in the implementation phase.

Prefab elements made with Iso Tanks will be of a higher and more consistent quality and can be installed very quickly.

Timber frame construction

​A combination of wood-skeleton construction and Iso Tank is a combination that combines the advantages of the basic material wood and another light building material composite.

As a wall element , Iso Tanks bring more rigidity to the construction and can be installed very quickly.

New construction

​For system roofs, floors and wall elements, Iso Tank elements can be placed and mounted quickly and easily.

The connections for the gas-filled cavity also click together effortlessly. Iso Tanks can be fitted into almost any new construction project.

Prefab wall element from Iso Tanks

Very fast 2-component bonding, optionally combinable Prefab element.

Iso Tanks can be combined with other concepts

Iso Tanks can be combined with Sun Tanks, but also with many other concepts.

Iso Tanks can be finished outside/inside with any building material, solar panels, etc...

Brick slips 

Combined with stucco

Solar panels​

Colored solar panels

Choose your own facade
Green Wall


Strong and versatile finish  

Facade panels

Choose your color and structure

Provide your Iso Tank walls with colored skirting gutters in which the electricity, multimedia and cables run

Het Hager Plintgoot systeem is verkrijgbaar in hoogtes van 55, 80 en 115 mm. 

Tehalit.SL plintgoten geven je flexibiliteit om overal aansluitpunten te maken en tegelijk de kabels netjes uit het zicht te houden.

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